Carlos Moyá signs cooperation agreement with

BORNAN Sports Technology


Moyá is to work with the Bornan team to create technological products
perfected “by athletes for sports”

Carlos Moyá has signed a cooperation agreement with sports tech company Bornan. The renowned former tennis player put his trust in Bornan to contribute with his sport experience and ideas in helping improve sports technology. This agreement stems from the athlete’s appreciation of the project developed by the company. Moyá is a fan of technology, well known for striving to achieve goals and exceed expectations, exactly the same as Bornan.


Ever since Bornan started developing software, athletes have been reviewing it. The company pioneers in incorporating athletes in its ranks and relying on them to improve its products, as they have a better view of the needs of different sports, thus simplifying development of sports activities and complementing the information received by sports organizations, athletes and spectators. And as customers and users of these products have confirmed, “nowadays, not having the potential offered by Bornan would be a big mistake, since it is a company that provides both security and innovation, expertise and proximity, both professionally and personally”.


Moyá, soon to become Bornan’s Brand Ambassador, will actively collaborate with the five different teams involved in the creation and development of technological solutions. He has already exchanged ideas with the teams and has been able to see first-hand new products being developed for upcoming events and competitions.


The former tennis player, who in his career as an athlete has stood out for his values, tenacity, effort, work and strong principles, holds in high regard the great team that integrates Bornan for their approach and vision. It is a team that stands out for its involvement, training and for delivering high professionalism. Despite the company’s tender age, soon to celebrate its first year of existence in Spain, its staff is composed of great professionals with 15+ years’ experience in this niche market. Carlos Moyá has highlighted the team expertise level as a key differentiator, together with Bornan’s agility to deliver custom services per sport, customer or event needs


Another factor drawing the athlete’s attention to Bornan was the company’s ability to achieve and exceed expectations in organizing the 2018 Mediterranean Games, with only 4 months’ margin to develop the entire operation. This was possible due to the staff’s long experience, which is what makes this company great and foretells a magnificent future.


Bornan Sport Technology is announced as Official Technology Provider of the first African Beach Games.


The Games will be played from June 14 to June 23, 2019.

Bornan será el proveedor oficial de tecnología de los primeros Juegos Africanos de Playa. Los Juegos se jugarán del 14 de junio al 23 de junio de 1919. Tendrá 11 disciplinas deportivas y más de 1100 atletas y oficiales de los 52 países del continente africano.
Los servicios ofrecidos por Bornan al Comité Organizador Local, incluyen el GMS (Sistema de Gestión de Juegos), Cronometraje, Puntuación y Resultados y Gráficos de Televisión de Alta Definición para la Agencia Oficial de Radiodifusión de los Juegos.
Es un gran orgullo y un placer compartir este éxito con el mundo y ser parte de este equipo de profesionales con alta capacitación y excelencia.


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