Once you get to know us, you will not forget us.

The key factor at Bornan Sports Technology is our staff. The brand is new, however, our team has more than 15 years of experience in this niche market.

The Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Panamerican Games, Asian Games, Mediterranean Games, African Games, Summer Universiade, World Championships, European Championships, World Cups and so on, are part of our experience in this field since 1997.

Our story began when we detected the business opportunity and perceived a general dissatisfaction with the solutions available in the market, creating a clear need for change. We decided to throw ourselves into this challenge, and our ambition is to lead this existing journey from start to finish. Bornan has managed to overcome multiple obstacles and establish our position as a new player in this market.

We run our business according to very clear ethical principles and operate with professionalism and empathy based on full transparency with our clients and our colleagues. Our business model is to invest and leverage new technology to demonstrate how cost efficient applications of big data can change this market.

This is how, step by step, Bornan will grow going forward, by constantly improving our products, while at the same time nurturing the clients who have placed their trust in us and given us the opportunity to work with them.

We have worked very hard to become synonymous with quality and efficiency in the sports industry and at competitive prices. We will continue to grow and we will continue to research, because our minds and hands are the perfect instruments to transform our dreams into reality.


Our Advantages

Our Technology
Quick and powerful solutions
Our technology provide a quick and powerful solution to all range of events having a better control over the cost. We offer both high-quality and professionalism.
Our Software
We are developers
We have developed base software and digital platforms, which have already been used and tested with success.
Our Clients
Our Support
Main directors from the highest representative Governing Bodies, International Federations and key players on this market have recognized the great value of creating this company.