Bornan Sports Technology has been appointed as the Official Technology & Digital Data Provider for the 3rd GCC Games.

After winning a selection process involving several international companies, Bornan Sports Technology has been appointed as the Official Technology & Digital Data Provider for the 3rd GCC Games.

The games will be held from April 4th to 14th in Kuwait City, gathering more than 1500 athletes from all countries of the Persian Gulf.

The services provided by Bornan on this occasion include Consulting and Project Management, Games Management System, Timing, Scoring & Results Services. Online Web Results and natives mobile apps (Android & IOs), production and integration of TV Graphics and production and broadcast of Streaming Services in HD.

About this project Roberto García (Bornan Managing Director) said: “It’s a big challenge, because of the short time to deliver and the complexity of some sports, but we trust in our experience, solutions and deliver capability”.

In 2019, Bornan Sport Technology delivered with success two multi sports events, the First African Beach Games SAL2019 in Cape Verde in June, and later in November 2019 the ANOC World Beach Games in Doha, Qatar. Ariel Valdés (Business Development Director) complemented this topic: “The Company is gradually consolidating in the sports market. We are positioning ourselves as a reliable partner, for which there are no impossible challenges”.

Bornan Sports Technology and FITEQ to launch web results platform.

Bornan Sports Technology and the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) today reached an agreement to launch a Web Results Platform that will be used at the next three major FITEQ events in 2019.

The deal follows the successful cooperation between the two organisations at the African Beach Games earlier this year and reflects their shared desire to bring results in real-time to fans all around the world.
The three events included in the agreement are:

Asia – Pacific Beach Cup from November 28-29, 2019, Sanya, China

Teqball World Championship from December 6-8, 2019, Budapest, Hungary.

Teqball Masters from December 17-19, 2019, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The online platform, will be fully customised with the FITEQ look and feel and will include a detailed calendar of each of the competitions, listings and information of the participating athletes, results, personalised reports by match and many other features

A sponsorship agreement between Bornan and FITEQ is included as part of the partnership between the two organisations, highlighting Bornan’s commitment to the use of sport for development and a belief in the potential of teqball on a global scale.

FITEQ Sport Director Matthew Curtain said:
“We are delighted to partner with Bornan for our next three international events. We developed an excellent working relationship with Bornan during the African Beach Games and we look forward to building on that in the months ahead. Through the online platform our fans all around the world will be able to keep up to date with the very latest news and results from our world-class events.”

Bornan Sports Technology Business Development Director Ariel Valdés Chávez added:
“Teqball is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and in a very short time has secured a loyal and global fanbase. We are proud to be able partner with FITEQ to ensure that this fanbase has access to all the information they need at just a click of a button. We pride ourselves on delivering online platforms that are user-friendly, engaging and cater to the demands of a 21st century audience. We look forward to delivering this for FITEQ and their fans at the next three teqball events.”

Bornan Sport Technology designated as official sponsor in the category “Technology Services and  Digital data” for the first ANOC World Beach Games – Qatar 2019.

Proud to announce that Bornan Sports Technology has been designated as official sponsor in the category Technological Services and Digital Data, for the first ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019.

The main services to be delivered by Bornan for the World Beach Games are Timing, Scoring and Results services (On Venue Results and Central Results System), for the 13 sports and 14 disciplines present in the competition program. But also, the production and integration of the animated TV Graphics, Native Mobile Applications (Android & IOs) to show in real time the results of the competition as well as the live Online Web Result of the event (fully responsive design), including real-time results, medals, reports in PDF and information about athletes and NOCs, plus a Social Media Generator to feed automatically all live media contents.

It is expected around 1200 athletes from more than 95 countries from all continents participate in the first edition of the games which are being held from 11-16 October in Doha, Qatar.

Bornan successfully delivers Technology for the First African Beach Games SAL2019

The first African Beach Games were held on the magical island of SAL, in the Republic of Cape Verde from 14 to 23 June 2019. The games hosted 54 National Olympic Committees of the African Continent, approximately 1’000 athletes and 11 sport disciplines and 1 as exhibition, Teqball.

One day before starting the competition we received the request to include Teqball within the Results platform and mobile app, giving the same level as an official sport in the program. Bornan made his slogan worthwhile here: Whereas other brands say, “this cannot be done” Bornan is already doing it.



Bornan Sport Technology was the Technology Services Official Provider for the games. These services were: Game Management Platform, including (Accreditation, Access Control, Sport Entries and Qualifications), Timing, Scoring and Results Systems. In addition, an online platform was developed to show the results of all disciplines in competition in real time. Content was created to show in the competition’s public and sport Video Walls. In addition, an APP was developed for the games in Android System (the most used in the continent), as well as the TV graphics used by the broadcasting companies in charge of the transmission of the event, both in traditional format for TV or in streaming to be distributed on the Olympic Channel platform. All of these services used the technology in the cloud, which allowed the Organizing Committee to economize large human and financial resources, as well as to optimize the times of implementation of technology infrastructure for the games.


Bornan Online Web Results designed for SAL2019


It was about a year in total of planning, working to capture, map and identify the needs of the Technology department of the Local Organizing Committee, and to assemble and design the package of services that would be used in the games, always with the premise of providing the different clients of the games (Organizing Committee, Athletes, Volunteers, Olympic Committees, Continental Federations, Press, Fans, etc.) the best possible experience by applying and using the latest technology in the market. This approach allowed to reduce drastically the use of paper prints during the games, as all the official results of the competition were on the internet, with 100% availability and accessible from any device.


Beach Tennis Competition Ex. TV graphics


As it has been a tradition in the events in which Bornan Sport Technology participates, at the end of the event it was donated to the Olympic Committee of Cape Verde a set of accreditation printing, which was the one used in the printing of part of the Games accreditations. This set, together with the lanyards, was our modest material contribution to the delivery of these games in the African Continent. There were more than 3000 accredited people in total, including athletes, officers, volunteers, staff, security support personnel, transportation, medical services, etc.


Pablo de Castro, CTO at Bornan, performing the integration of TV Graphics.


In addition to the normal challenges of a sporting project of this nature, there were also challenges in logistics, as it was the first time that Cape Verde was hosting a multisport event of this magnitude. The transportation of technological material back and forth from the Bornan offices in Madrid to the Beach Park in Santa María was another example of joint work between the Local Organizing Committee and Bornan Staff. It was a successful logistics operation between two continents for a volume of more than 200 kg of fragile technology.


Ariel Valdés (Director of Business Development in Bornan) commented about the games: “From my point of view, the key factor for the success of these games was the excellent communication between the Local Organizing Committee and Bornan. The LOC was always open to collaborate, to listen and analyze the opinions of both sides. It was very easy to work together because we had a common goal, to deliver games with a quality standard and the maximum possible excellence.”


Part of the Bornan Team in the days before the Opening Ceremony


On the other hand, Yann Craven, CEO of the SAL2019 Organizing Committee said: “The vision of the Organizing Committee of the First African Beach Games Sal 2019 is that thanks to Bornan we were the first multisport event in Africa to use a Game and Results Management system fully integrated and cloud-based in all areas of the organizing committee. This is a standard generally reserved for the Olympic Games. The customized systems created by Bornan for our games were state-of-the-art and are among the best in the market. However, what really differentiates Bornan from its competitors is the human capital to complement the technology. From the beginning until the end of the games, the Bornan team worked side by side with the Organizing Committee to overcome the challenges, find solutions and offer a unique experience for athletes, spectators and broadcasters that was truly first class and certainly an innovation for Africa.”


The result of the project, after many hours of planning, development, control and perfect execution: “The bar has been raised for future editions of continental games in Africa, not only for beach games, but for all kinds of sporting events…“. These words of conclusion were said to Roberto García (Director General of Bornan) by the top leaders of the sport in the African continent.


El resultado del proyecto, después de muchas horas de planificación, desarrollo, control y una ejecución impecable: “Se ha elevado el listón para futuras ediciones de juegos continentales en África, no solo para juegos de playa, sino para todo tipo de eventos deportivos…”. Fueron las palabras de conclusión dichas a Roberto García (Director General de Bornan) por los máximos dirigentes del deporte en el continente africano.


On this event Roberto himself has stated: “I think that at considering both, the organizing committee that was hosting the first edition of the beach games in Africa and on an island, and the service delivered by our Bornan team, we have demonstrated that still with a very tight budget, a very high-tech event can be delivered, and even a legacy left to the organizing committee and the NOC. Once again, proud of the Bornan staff who displayed an excellent job in SAL for their delivery and for the people from the offices in Madrid and Lausanne who collaborated to make of this a great event …”.


We could not conclude this article about the SAL2019 Games, without mentioning our gratitude to the kind and hospitable people of Cape Verde, who welcomed us for almost a month, to the volunteers who ran dozens of kilometers on the beach to make the games possible. Special thanks to the athletes, we work for every day to try to show with technology the brightness that they flash on the field of play. To the Organizing Committee and the Olympic Committee of Cape Verde, especially its president and IOC Member Filomena Fortes, for her trust and unconditional


Roberto García Director General of Bornan and Filomena Fortes President of SAL2019

Thank you very much Cape Verde, Muito Obrigado SAL2019 “No Stress 😊”.

Carlos Moyá signs cooperation agreement with

BORNAN Sports Technology


Moyá is to work with the Bornan team to create technological products
perfected “by athletes for sports”

Carlos Moyá has signed a cooperation agreement with sports tech company Bornan. The renowned former tennis player put his trust in Bornan to contribute with his sport experience and ideas in helping improve sports technology. This agreement stems from the athlete’s appreciation of the project developed by the company. Moyá is a fan of technology, well known for striving to achieve goals and exceed expectations, exactly the same as Bornan.


Ever since Bornan started developing software, athletes have been reviewing it. The company pioneers in incorporating athletes in its ranks and relying on them to improve its products, as they have a better view of the needs of different sports, thus simplifying development of sports activities and complementing the information received by sports organizations, athletes and spectators. And as customers and users of these products have confirmed, “nowadays, not having the potential offered by Bornan would be a big mistake, since it is a company that provides both security and innovation, expertise and proximity, both professionally and personally”.


Moyá, soon to become Bornan’s Brand Ambassador, will actively collaborate with the five different teams involved in the creation and development of technological solutions. He has already exchanged ideas with the teams and has been able to see first-hand new products being developed for upcoming events and competitions.


The former tennis player, who in his career as an athlete has stood out for his values, tenacity, effort, work and strong principles, holds in high regard the great team that integrates Bornan for their approach and vision. It is a team that stands out for its involvement, training and for delivering high professionalism. Despite the company’s tender age, soon to celebrate its first year of existence in Spain, its staff is composed of great professionals with 15+ years’ experience in this niche market. Carlos Moyá has highlighted the team expertise level as a key differentiator, together with Bornan’s agility to deliver custom services per sport, customer or event needs


Another factor drawing the athlete’s attention to Bornan was the company’s ability to achieve and exceed expectations in organizing the 2018 Mediterranean Games, with only 4 months’ margin to develop the entire operation. This was possible due to the staff’s long experience, which is what makes this company great and foretells a magnificent future.